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Want to create health and harmony in your home?

By Mark Griffiths

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art literally meaning wind and water. It involves the specific placement of elements within an environment in order to create a balance of energies (known as Qi). The balance of energies can be achieved by mapping out your room in accordance with the Bagua (eight-sided map pictured). By arranging the room into these areas and creating a balance of energy it will have an impact on how we feel and live.

Feng Shui is ultimately about the relationship between a building and the people living in it. It can significantly affect health, wealth and relationships of the people living within the home. Feng Shui is so important because we spend so much time living in these areas, and we want to be surrounded by positive, prosperous, harmonious energy and drive the bad luck and misfortune away.

Here are a few simple tips on how you can apply Feng Shui to your homes:

Use of colour

It is important to have a balance of colours in the home in order to create harmony. Different colours represent the five Feng Shui elements.

What colour do you need more of in your home?

  • Red, orange, yellow. Fire element – brings passion and high energy in your career
  • Beige, light yellow, earthy tones. Earth element – brings nourishment, calmness and stability to your relationships
  • Grey, white. Metal element – helps you live with clarity and precision
  • Blue, black. Water element – brings a sense of calm, ease, purity and freshness.
  • Brown, green. Wood element – brings growth and vitality.

Use of water

Acts as a ‘cure’ to ward off negative energies

  • Running water like a fountain
  • Fish tank with goldfish

Use of mirrors

  • Don’t place opposite a bed as it reflects negative aspects within a relationship or keeps you awake at night
  • Best placed in living and dining areas. Reflecting food symbolises abundance and wealth.

Use of plants

  • Canes or bamboos are good for shielding purposes, blocking out negative energy.
  • Cactus is deemed a bad Feng Shui plant, as its energy is “spiky”.

Avoid clutter

Clutter means energy gets trapped and can cause good fortune to pass by.

It’s so important to consider these tips, especially if you are selling your house. You will want potential buyers to walk into your home and feel like it’s warm and inviting. Feng Shui will make a buyer feel comfortable and peaceful in the environment and more likely to consider buying your house. Buyers are now making decisions based on the feeling of Feng Shui in the atmosphere, as good Feng Shui is believed to have a direct affect on personal health, happiness and wealth.

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