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Preparing For An Open House Inspection

You have made the big decision to put your property on the market and have enlisted the help of a real estate agent (Ray White Seaforth). Now it is time for the open for inspections but you have absolutely no idea how to make it appealing to buyers and make it a memorable property amongst others that are for sale. This is a crucial stage in selling the property because you want it to shine and look its absolute best to entice buyers. You want it to make a lasting impression on buyers so that they can’t get it out of their minds. The difficult question is how can you do this without breaking the bank on additional costs? Of course hiring a professional stylist would be preferred as they have an eye for decorating and would style out the property with ideal furniture suited for the space. However, there is an alternative and these simple tips will help you make a lasting impression on your property.

Choosing Inspection Times

Saturday late mornings and afternoons are generally the best time for an open for inspection. This is the most ideal suited time for house hunters because it is on a weekend so they are unlikely to be working and it’s late enough in the day that they won’t be sleeping in. It is also a good idea to have a second open for inspection during the week for potential buyers who are keen to see the property again when it is not as busy. Also, if possible, research the weather forecast as it is optimal to have open for inspections on a sunny day because more people will be out and about rather than on a day pouring with rain as that will deter buyers from going outside.

Marketing Materials

It is a fantastic idea to create brochures to give tangible information to buyers to look at and hold onto even after the inspection is finished. Remember to include memorable photos showcasing the properties best features and also contact details. Prospective buyers will find this useful in their process of house hunting because it reminds them of your property, so that it doesn’t get forgotten amongst other properties they have seen.

Keeping it clean

Ensure that you have given the property a thorough cleaning so that it appears sparkling clean. It’s amazing the difference it makes for the buyer to see a clean property compared to a dusty, dirty one. Don’t forget small things like washing and putting away the dishes, taking out the rubbish and picking up dog poo in the garden.


All those trinkets, books, bits and pieces that are lying around the home, it is time to put them away. These items make the space look small and cluttered, so best to hide them away to give the impression of a larger, open space.

Re-arrange furniture

Trial moving some of your furniture around, sometimes even just moving a few things around can give the room an entire new feeling. Perhaps you have lived with it in the same position for such a long time you didn’t realise it made the room look smaller. You could even add in a mirror on the wall to make the room look bigger. Buyers will be on the lookout for open, welcoming rooms.

Coat of paint

Giving your room a fresh coat of paint is an easy, cost effective way of making your property look more enticing. It could have been a horrible feature wall with a colour was once in fashion or some hideous wallpaper. Whatever it is a nice clean coat of paint can do wonders because it creates a blank canvas and allows the prospective buyers to use their own imagination on how they would like to style the property and make their own imprint on the property.


You want your property to be as welcoming and comforting as possible. A fantastic way to do this is to ensure the temperature is just right. So, if it’s a warm day have the air conditioning on to make buyers feel cool, relaxed and calm. On the other hand, if it’s a cold day have the heater on to make your home feel cosy and inviting.


The aim is to create a tranquil, pleasant environment where buyers feel peaceful. To ensure this is the case make sure loud sounds are turned off such as the television, dishwasher and washing machine. If you can hear cars on the road or if the house is perhaps too silent it might be a good idea to play some background soothing music to enhance the ambience of the property.


Before an open for inspection it is a good idea to open all your windows and air out the property removing lingering odours such as any mouldy or damp smells. Be careful not to mask these smells with artificial air fresheners or scented candles, as the smell could be overpowering and unpleasant. Instead the smell of fresh flowers provides a natural, fresh smell. The smell of roasting coffee can also be a warm, inviting smell, as long as it doesn’t burn!


Buyers are looking for an open, bright property because ultimately nobody wants to live in the dark. So, prior to inspection ensure all blinds and curtains are open streaming in the natural light. Turn lights on throughout the house to illuminate every room making it an inviting, homely atmosphere.


If you have pets it is in your best interests to take pets away whilst the open for inspection is on. It is a good idea to remove any hair, lingering smells or faeces, as these will be unappealing for buyers.


Open for inspections means strangers are walking through your home, so don’t risk it, lock away all valuable items and documents somewhere safe.

These are some very simple tips on how to make your property look most appealing. Ultimately you want to create such an inviting atmosphere the buyer falls in love with so that they never want to leave! Call us at Ray White Seaforth to discuss more tips on how to prepare you home for open house. Mark Griffiths 0422 444 367